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You know the situation:

You stared at something for such a long time you can’t even see the mistakes anymore. In this case, I am so “used” to seeing it like this (because it’s his old sheet and I looked at it often), I can’t make out the anatomy-mistakes D:! So please help me ;u;?

Should I choose 1, 2 or 3 and on that one, what should I change on the anatomy? (despite having to do an additional pic of his upper body because his damn arms…hide the important things e.e)

But technically he looks so cute, so..;u;! I think I would choose 3, but my mind is so corrupted alreadyyyyyy~ ;A;

  Art (c) Green-najotake @ dA


  1. h-h-hyveeh answered: 1 is the nearest of ‘correct’ Myenglishistoolametoexplainsorry;;
  2. kaitourose answered: B-but never less, the second pose also looks good…+ I always fail at anatomy. Yours look flawless.
  3. kaitourose said: >o’< Been there, done that, (and still am) I don’t see much diffrents between 2 and 3. *stares* wait I do. 2; waist is smaller. 3; waist is a bit bigger+ leg propotions look slightly diffrent. He looks taller in the 3e pose. I would choose 3 though.
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