I upload doodles, sketches, wips and crack of my own art ♥ Sometimes, there's the occasional bit of fangirling as well and also always a tiny bit of Himiness /o/ ♥

Silver, Ryô, Lycram and Tinami + Kaira by Kathey @ Animexx.de

…traded for my Nami Unlimited Cruise Aceo and 60 Karotaler (you get a Karotaler (= Animexx-“money”) for free each day on Animexx and can buy digital items for them, for example anime-characters and fanscene stuff) ♥ O.öb

Also: It’s a Tempelwächter’s eternal fate to be linked to cookies, cakes and tea /o/ Kathey even added a blush on him for me *laughs*

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